The Burr

The climber had lost her footing and was dangling by the supporting rope. A sinister hand--invisible but nonetheless effective--was pushing her into the craggy sides of the steep cliff from which she had slipped. With each push she became more battered and bruised.

Her companion, the one who had climbed up before her, powerfully pulled the support rope hand over hand until she found herself safe at the top--a quivering, helpless being. She clung to her savior, unwilling and unable to even open her eyes or consider loosening her grip on him.

Finally her heart rate began to slow, her death grip began to loosen, and her eyelids began to cautiously open.

Now within her spirit was a new knowing. The only way to remain safe was to become as a burr, stuck to her savior companion, clinging to him for dear life.


Matthew 26:41 (NIV)

Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation.

The spirit is willing but the body is weak.



I have a burr that I keep on my desktop. When the Holy Spirit gave me this picture of what had happened to me spiritually, I asked God for a burr to serve as a reminder of the way I needed to cling to Him. I decided not to go looking, but to wait for the Lord to bring one to me. I waited many months. Then, there it was, attached to my sneaker laces when I returned from taking a walk in the fields of the farm where I grew up and my mother still lives. I treasure it because of the reminder it is of my relationship with my Savior and how He saves me from my enemy.